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mr. bedhair and glasses-kun [LISTEN]

Tracklist: 1. Cobra Starship - Fool Like Me; 2. Mystery Skulls - You; 3. The Vamps - Wild heart; 4. Fall Out Boy - Sugar, We’re Going Down; 5. New Politics - Fall Into These Arms; 6. Cute Is What We Aim For - Navigate Me; 7. Pink - True Love; 8. The Cab - La La; 9. Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know;

This world...is wrong.


Do you like Haikyuu? Is your favorite character a piece of trash? then this network is 100% for you

oh boy

Network Page! | Apply! | Rules!


  • You can talk to people who love haikyuu and make lots of friends!!
  • We all love trash
  • ??? what more do you need


For the complete rules, go here!

  • Be nice!
  • Have to have skype!
  • Put our badge on your blog!
  • Follow admin!
  • You can be an old or new fan of haikyuu, as long as you love it!

If chosen:

  • I will send you a message telling you you’ve been chosen! I will also add you as a friend on skype so I can add you to the chat group! (with a message telling you who I am of course)
  • You will be featured on our network’s page along with everyone else!
  • Display our badge somewhere on your blog!
  • Make friends!! 

Please consider joining! It’ll be a lot of fun!

I will accept around 25 people (maybe more idk), so apply fast! <3

Please reblog this post if you apply! (or if u just want to)